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Who We Are

At DSA, we're about more than just buildings. While we have the experience and the know-how to deliver well-designed places to a variety of clients, merely meeting your functional needs is not enough to fulfill our mission. Instead, we pride ourselves on developing long-lasting, meaningful relationships that help companies manage their real estate portfolios. Ultimately, when you succeed, we succeed.

With services that extend well beyond traditional architecture, DSA customizes its services to meet the growing needs of our progressive clients, affirming that in today's competitive marketplace, diversity goes a long way. We've built a service-oriented platform that can be challenged to address a myriad of project needs targeted at giving our clients a competitive edge. After all, providing that fundamental advantage for our clients is our ultimate goal. We know how to stay on top of the trends and issues that affect our clients' business every day-and our clients rely on us for it. Our ability to cross-pollinate among sectors and expertise helps our clients anticipate the dynamic forces of change that are inherent in developing land and commercial projects.

How do we get there? By doing what we do best. We offer an unparalleled breadth of services that bring viable solutions to even the most elusive design challenges. From downtown retail to redeveloping the suburbs, our comprehensive approach ensures a stronger, better-coordinated product. Our process springs from a corporate culture that fosters collaboration. We bring a team of experts from all disciplines together to serve on retail, mixed-use, corporate, public, office, healthcare, and civic projects. With such a wide range of experience in so many sectors, we have found we offer a unique perspective on what makes all places work.

Ultimately, with DSA you'll find a talented, knowledgeable team of experts that blends an appreciation for sustainable thriving environments with a steadfast understanding for your bottom line. Since our start, we have maintained a perpetual goal to walk away from each project with every person involved feeling like they have been a part of something significant and successful.

As we progress into the future, we look forward to working closely with you to build our business - and yours - while designing places that capture the human spirit today and into the future.

It is through service and true concern for the projects we are entrusted with that we hope to endure.

Home Who We Are Markets Services Brochure Our Staff
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